Diamond Wool® Hunters Blend Red Show Saddle Pad

Diamond Wool® Hunters Blend Red Show Saddle Pad

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Diamond Wool® Hunters Blend Red Show Saddle Pad, Black/Cream/Red & Ash, Beautifully designed, tightly woven, heavy 100% Wool blanket tops with 100% Merino Wool fleece encasing ½” Wool felt. Finished with oil grain wear leathers. Size 36" x 34".

The Importance of Wool
For the equestrian, no other material combines comfort, safety, care, and durability like wool. While synthetics only trap moisture between the fibers, wool absorbs moisture away from your horse and insulates against both cold and heat. Since moisture absorption and release are gradual, wool is slow to feel damp and does not chill your horse by too rapid drying. In short, wool breathes. Wool is an amazingly strong fiber composed of protein that grows with a crimped wavy form, giving it excellent properties of elasticity and resilience. This unique structure enables it to mesh with the hair on your horse's back, which prevents the shifting of your pad while riding. This resilient fiber is long wearing and has the ability to retain shape, drape well, and resist wrinkling due to its natural elasticity. Wool cleans easily and will not soil or stain like synthetics because its unequaled structure withstands dirt penetration.

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